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sells quality hose fittings, hose pipe connector, sprinklers and watering systems, online! We are a family run business founded on an engineering background and gardening experience. We only sell well engineered products which are robust and durable. Our hose fitting and hosepipe connectors, sprinklers and other products will stand the test of time! offers a one stop shop for garden watering equipment including a wide range of hose fittings. Buy online/direct for better quality products at better prices.

We supply some products to industry and farming where standards are much more demanding. Many of our products are suitable for irrigation, greenhouses, market gardening, farming, and vehicle washing.

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Delivery is usually within 2-3 days.
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The patented Taplock device prevents the misuse or theft of water supplies. It prevents vandalism, unauthorized use, tampering and water theft. It is ideal for houses, gardens, allotments, holiday homes and domestic, commercial and public buildings such as schools and hospitals. It will provide complete peace of mind for people with metered supplies or limited supplies.

The device can be fitted on the outlet of a standard inch outside garden tap as shown. With an additional fixing kit it can be fitted in place of the normal handle so that hoses, timers etc can be left connected.

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Some items may vary from time to time in appearance or colour, but not in function or quality aspects.
The RRP prices quoted are typical retail prices found in garden centres and DIY stores and are intended as a guide only.

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